Attn If you’re an insurance or financial advisor with a marketing budget of at least $3.23 per day, then The Virtual Advisor Newsletter can give you every script, tool, tactic, and template you need to run a 100% virtual practice that’s capable of generating $25k to $80k per month…without ever having to buy another list of bogus lead that doesn’t pan out like promised.

The Insurance & Financial Advisors Who Subscribe to this Newsletter Will…

Never Have to Buy Leads Again

Successful financial advisor marketing entrepreneurs with $300M in commissions (and counting) reveal the exact tactics that bring qualified prospects to your inbox…helping you generate more fees, commissions, and AUM this year.

NO Buying Garbage Leads From Unproven Companies…
NO Buying Garbage Leads From Unproven Companies…
NO Search Engine Optimization…
NO Overwhelming Email Sequences…
NO expensive Paid Ads Draining Your Already Limited Budget…
NO Posting on Social Media 3x-5x Per Day
NO Door Knocking or Cold calling
NO Blogging to An Audience of Zero
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…And without having to spend thousands of dollars a month or hours of your free time navigating constantly changing internet marketing rules and algorithms.

Dear Virtual Advisor,

When I wrote my best-selling book Shift: Digital Marketing Secrets of Insurance Agents and Financial Advisors, I knew the tips and strategies inside would change lives.

While it was early-2017, I’d already seen the writing on the wall.

I knew that the future of the industry was going digital and that the “brick and mortar” insurance and financial advisors of yesterday would soon be replaced by virtual advisors with greater flexibility, more reach, lower overhead, and…most importantly…technology and automation.

What I didn’t know was that 2020 was going to happen – and that the entire industry would be forced to go virtual almost overnight.

But here’s the thing…
The advisors who had read my book weren’t scared, anxious, or confused.They were locked, loaded, and ready to go.

Unlike most advisors who were forced to scramble, they already had systems and processes in place.

…all because they took the digital marketing tactics and strategies that I taught in the book to heart and implemented them in their practices.

Many had their best years ever in 2020.
And then they increased revenue in 2021 – some by crazy amounts like 2x, 3x or even 5x.

Advisors: The Second Virtual Shift is Here

Equip Yourself With the Digital Marketing Techniques that Are Working for Today’s Million-Dollar Advisors

Digital marketing techniques

The Virtual Advisor is a brand new print newsletter designed specifically for insurance and financial advisors.

Each month, subscribers receive a 16-page newsletter full of bleeding-edge digital marketing scripts, templates, and tactics that are working on the front lines as we speak.

These insights will prepare you for what I’m calling the Digital 2.0 World.

You see, 2020 brought the first major shift for advisors.

But now, in 2022, we’re about to step into the second big shift.

Any advisor worth their salt has embraced some form of digital marketing…and things are getting a little crowded.

It’s noisy online…and you need to stand out.

Just having an online presence won’t cut it. You need more than a website and a smiling mugshot on LinkedIn to generate consistent $25k, $50k, or $80k months.

You Need More Qualified Prospects On Your Calendar Right Now... ...Not Later, Right?

Most of the digital marketing “advice” you’ll get online tells you to build it and then wait for them to come.

In other words, build a complex sequence of 17 emails that drip on a lead over a period of 60 days and…just maybe…they’ll click on one of your blog posts and read it…

You know…one of the generic blog posts that you paid a random marketing agency $1,000 to write for you (and that uses weird phrases and terms that clearly indicate they know NOTHING about financial services).

And if that doesn’t work, you can always pay an SEO agency to get you to the first page of the Google search results.

But News Flash: That almost nevvvverrrr works these days. If you want to climb to the top of Google for basic search terms like “life insurance advisor” or “financial advisor”....expect to spend years (and lots of $$$) doing it.

When randomly blasted email campaigns, blog posts, and SEO investments don’t work…

…conventional marketing wisdom says you should spend a bunch of money on paid ad traffic.

But guess what?

If you don’t have the right marketing infrastructure in place, all of this paid traffic is going to result in a log-jam of unqualified and disinterested “leads” who don’t even want what you’re selling.

If you’re finally ready to get off the monthly income rollercoaster and enjoy consistent revenue, you’ve gotta stay one step ahead of the industry.

And whether you’re brand new to digital marketing OR you feel like you did a pretty good job of weathering the first shift back in 2020…

Now is the time to buckle up and get better.

I’m prepared to give you the best that I’ve got…

…you ready?



Monthly scripts, tools, tactics, & templates for running a 100% virtual practice that’s capable of generating $25k to $80k per month…while NEVER having to buy another lead.
Advisor newsletter
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Plus…Get $2,162 in FREE Welcome Bonuses

The Virtual Advisor is a monthly print subscription newsletter featuring 16 pages of bleeding-edge digital marketing strategies for insurance and financial advisors who are making the shift from clunky brick-and-mortar businesses to versatile digital practices that scale on demand.

When you subscribe to The Virtual Advisor, you’ll uncover next-level marketing systems and tactics that are battle-tested and proven, like…

How to Use the “Bridge-the-Gap Method” to Connect Concerns & Desires In a Way That Makes Prospects Beg to Meet With You
How an Unconventional $7 “Business Card” is Giving Advisors 7-Figure Earning Potential…With Nothing More Than a Few Simple Tools)
3 Ways to Discover Your Niche’s Biggest Secrets & Desires (Secrets So Tightly-Held Their Spouse Might Not Even Know)
The (5xW) Exercise For Insurance & Financial Advisors Who Are Tired of Playing at the Surface and Want to Reach Qualified Prospects on an Emotional Level
Email Subject Line Frameworks & Swipes That Don’t Just Get Prospects to Open Your Emails – They Get Prospects to RESPOND!
The Secrets to Higher Converting Zoom meetings (Including an Effortless Technique for Getting Clients to Do 75% to 80% of the Talking)

Every issue will take a deep 16-page dive into highly-specialized and focused topics like these.

No generic advice or fluff – just screenshots, real-world war stories, and campaigns that flat-out work.

“We’ve been sending that email out to people who ‘ghosted’ us from our past seminars. It’s been the most successful we’ve sent in the history of our firm.”
Dean T.
Financial Advisor, $500M AUM
“I sent out your email to the first 10 of my dark list. Four hours later, one responded back… Commission $14,000. And two referrals.”
Malcolm M.
Financial Advisor, $500M AUM

Stop Buying Recycled Leads That Don’t Respond… And Learn How to Magnetize Prospects & Sell With Ease

At the beginning of every month, a crisp print copy of The Virtual Advisor will show up in your mailbox.

(That’s right…you can hold it…underline it…highlight it…and even smell it – if that’s your thing.)

In fact, we encourage you to mark it up, wear it out, and treat each issue like a blueprint for growing your practice.

These aren’t theoretical articles or essays on how to be a “better” advisor.

This newsletter is chock-full of the hands-on, nitty-gritty digital marketing strategies you need in order to shift into the Digital 2.0 World.

These are strategies that are 100% based in real-life marketing experiments and campaigns.

You won’t get any puffy theories or generic hacks that you find when you Google something like “marketing tips for financial advisors.”

This is the good stuff – timeless marketing principles layered with what’s working right now.

Grow Your Business As Quickly…And As Simply…As Possible! Without EVER Buying Another Empty Lead

Did I mention it’s dedicated specifically to insurance advisors, financial advisors, RIAs, etc?

No more scouring YouTube, Google, and random articles for generic advice that you can somehow transpose to the financial services industry.

I’m going to share everything I’ve learned in over two decades of experience generating over 62M leads and $300M in fees and commissions in financial services.

And That’s Just the Start…

In addition to a fresh issue of The Virtual Advisor mailed directly to your home or office each month, subscribers will also get access to premium subscriber video content.

Because let’s be real…

Sometimes you just need to see a walk-through…click-by-click…on your screen.

So each month, we’ll include private URLs and codes for never-before-seen walkthroughs, case studies, interviews, and step-by-step guides to help you implement & profit from the strategies we teach.

These are brand new videos that will never be released to anyone outside of The Virtual Advisor subscribers.

Premium subscriber content

(And in order to access these videos, you must be a registered subscriber for that month. No “back issued” videos will be available, except for rare offers to existing subscribers.)

To recap, each month subscribers receive one 16-page limited-print newsletter full of the marketing tactics and strategies that are working right now for insurance and financial advisors. Plus, inside you’ll find a private URL/code that directs you to a dedicated VIP subscriber page with a premium video that digs even deeper into the strategies taught.

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Plus…Get $2,162 in FREE Welcome Bonuses

Stop Buying Leads and Start Building a Business Based On Real-World Marketing Strategies

When I first decided to create this newsletter – something I’ve wanted to do for years – I decided to charge $147 per month.

In my opinion, a $147 monthly investment in acquiring the marketing strategies and tactics that are working right now for advisors is a no-brainer.

(Especially if it means never having to spend thousands of dollars on bogus leads ever again.)

It’s the whole “ATM Investment” concept.

If you can put a $1 bill into an ATM and it spits a $5 bill back out at you…you’ll do it all day long.

(That’s basically what we’re doing here. A small $147 investment for the potential of increasing your fees, commissions, and AUM by thousands.)

But the more I thought about it, the more I didn’t want to scare any advisors off.

The ideas in each issue of The Virtual Advisor are so powerful that I don’t want the price tag to be the thing that scares someone away from subscribing.

So…with no scientific price testing or anything like that…

We decided to slash the price to just $117 per month (20% savings).

That’s $117 per month for…

BENEFIT #1: A real-world “master’s degree” in digital marketing for insurance and financial advisors (in bite-sized monthly chunks that you can consume at your own pace).
BENEFIT #2: Tools, tactics, and high-ROI strategies that mean you’ll never have to buy another lead again.

I’ve personally invested several million dollars of my own resources – and over two decades of my professional life – to figuring out these secrets and strategies.

These aren’t frameworks I learned from other people and just copied and pasted to the financial services industry like the “gurus” do.

These are the concepts and tactics that I learned firsthand while working for not one – but TWO – lead companies that went on to be sold for over $1 BILLION dollars each.

Limited-Time Price Look:
Subscribe to the Virtual Advisor Today and Get 35% Off the Original Price

Just $97 Per Month (Risk-Free)
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Plus…Get $2,162 in FREE Welcome Bonuses

While we will eventually charge between $117 to $147, I want to give the action-takers a chance to lock in the lowest price ever and subscribe at what will be the lowest price we ever offer: $97 per month.

It’s not going to get any better than that.

$97 per month….basically $3.23 per day to acquire actionable marketing strategies that work right now for insurance and financial advisors.

No theory, fluff, or techniques that have been adapted from other industries by a “guru” who wants to make a few bucks on the backs of advisors.

This is a $97 investment in building your business.

I know advisors who spend tens of thousands of dollars to go back to school and get advanced marketing degrees only to learn outdated “principles” that generate 0.01% of the results.

And I could tell you stories of advisors who have poured thousands of dollars into “guaranteed” paid leads only to realize that you can’t buy a book of business from a 19-year-old kid selling spreadsheets and databases out of his mom’s basement.

If you’re ready to invest in your business so that it can become the blessing you need it to be for your family, The Virtual Advisor needs a spot on your desk.

And by the time you write it off as a business expense, it’s going to cost you a lot less than $3.23 per day. In fact, you’ll probably find yourself canceling other subscriptions, getting rid of marketing books, and getting laser-focused.

But Can I Sweeten the Deal a Bit More…?

Bonus Gifts Worth $2,162 When You Subscribe Today

As a way of saying “thank you” for taking the time to invest in yourself…

And as a reward for taking the next step and pushing beyond the generic, cookie-cutter marketing strategies that so many of the so-called “gurus” are teaching advisors today…

I’m giving you some valuable bonus gifts worth $2,162…totally FREE…just for subscribing today!

Many of these bonuses are standalone products that I’ve sold for hundreds or even thousands of dollars on their own.

Other bonuses are brand new, never-before-circulated resources that my team and I have put together for The Virtual Advisor subscribers only.

When you subscribe risk-free to the newsletter today, here’s what else you’ll get:


Over-the-Shoulder Email Construction Walkthrough

“Watch a Forbes, Nasdaq, FA Mag-Published Financial Services Copywriter Show You in Real-Time How to Write an Email That Converts Prospects Into Appointments ”
Total Value: $1,497

When you subscribe risk-free to The Virtual Advisor Newsletter, I’m going to give you access to a brand new, never released video tutorial of my top copywriter – who has written for many of the industry’s top publications – writing an email in real-time. From writing the subject line and the first line of the email to every paragraph and bullet point in between…you’ll get to see him write every word so that you can model the same principles when building out your own emails.

Email construction
Get This for FREE When You Subscribe!
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LinkedIn Connect Swipe File eBook

“Here are the exact LinkedIn connection request templates you can use to get people to connect, respond, and eventually book appointments on your calendar.”
Total Value: $97

Ever wondered what to say to a prospect when connecting on LinkedIn? Tired of people ignoring your connection requests? Worried you come across too desperate or pushy? We’ll show you actual screenshots and scripts of what works AND perhaps most importantly…what doesn’t work.

LinkedIn Connect Advisor
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“31 Copywriting Tips for Insurance & Financial Advisors” Mini-Book

“Advanced financial copywriting tips made simple in a concise guide that you’ll return to over and over again to write better emails, LinkedIn messages, and lead magnets.”
Total Value: $127

A brand new mini-book from top financial copywriter Sky Richardson that helps insurance and financial advisors accelerate the learning process and shorten the amount of time it typically takes to begin writing persuasive copy that engages prospects and converts them into clients. There are more nuggets in this little handbook than there are in most financial copywriting courses that sell for thousands of dollars.

Great copywriting
Get This for FREE When You Subscribe!
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Sales Conversation Starter Rolodex

“Never find yourself at a loss for what to say when starting a sales call or coffee chat with a prospect. Swipe these starters!”
Total Value: $197

If you’ve ever been at a loss for words – or find yourself stumbling through the opening moments of a sales call – this Sales Conversation Starter Rolodex will give you the exact topics, questions, and tips for getting the most out of your conversations.

Sales conversion
Get This for FREE When You Subscribe!
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The Definitive Virtual Meeting Playbook for Insurance & Financial Advisors

“How To Conduct 7-Figure Virtual Meetings With Your Dream Clients!”
Total Value: $97

When you subscribe risk-free to The Virtual Advisor Newsletter, I’m going to include a digital copy of The Definitive Virtual Meeting Playbook – a powerful resource we released at the height of the “Zoom Pandemic Frenzy” to help advisors thrive in this new virtual world.

This guide is filled with screenshots, Zoom hacks, and a list of the exact technology you need in order to make insurance and financial prospects want to do business with you.

Playbook Advisor
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Exclusive Video Recording of Jay Abraham interviewing Jeremiah Desmarais

“Rare Video of Jay Abraham’s Interview With Yours Truly...Straight From the Advisorist Vault!”
Total Value: $147

Enjoy free video access to a rare interview of Jay Abraham interviewing me on digital marketing strategies – recorded LIVE on stage at an exclusive event in Japan.

If you don’t already know, Jay Abraham is the “Godfather of Marketing.” He’s been the private marketing advisor to luminaries like Tony Robbins and Daymond John and has generated over $9 BILLION in profits with his cutting-edge strategies.

I had to work hard to get this recording. When Jay Abraham asked to interview me, I actually had to negotiate the recording as part of the deal. For years I’ve kept it locked in our private vault...but now I’m slowly leaking it out to a select few advisors.

Exclusive video recording
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Subscribe to The Virtual Advisor & Enjoy a Risk-Free Guarantee

Lock In Our Lowerst Price Ever!

Plus…Get $2,162 in FREE Welcome Bonuses

I hate to even waste space on this page saying this – because it would shock me if there’s even a single advisor who will need to use this – but I’m going to throw in a 100% money-back guarantee on your first issue.

If your first issue of The Virtual Advisor shows up in your mailbox and you don’t find any valuable nuggets or “ah-ha!” ideas that can benefit your business…

…shoot me an email and I’ll refund every penny.

Not only that…I’ll let you keep the $2,162 in bonuses.

No questions asked.

Plus, you’ll be happy to know that you’re never locked into a long-term subscription plan.

The charge for The Virtual Advisor is just $97 per month. But if you ever decide you need to unsubscribe, just let us know before the 21st of each month (when we send the issue to the printer) and you won’t get charged.

Lock in Your Subscription Today & Never Pay a Penny More

When you subscribe at $97 today, your price gets locked in. When we eventually raise the monthly subscription to $117 per month, your price will continue to stay the same. I’ve got your back.

However, I would act as quickly as possible. As you know, the price on everything is increasing and this will not be an exception.

There’s no sense in paying 20% to 35% more.

Oh, yeah, and I should mention this…the bonuses are only available at this price point. (Think of it as a first-mover advantage.)

No questions asked.

Once the price increases, the bonuses disappear…and everything will be about the newsletter.

Reserve Your Subscription Today!

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FAQ: Got Questions?
Let Me Answer Them for You

What Do I Get as a Subscriber?

Each month, you’ll get a 16-page print newsletter delivered to your mailbox. It features digital marketing tactics, breakdowns, screenshots, scripts, and the latest insights and discoveries from the frontlines of digital marketing in the financial services industry.

You’ll also get access to a private URL that features premium video content each month. These videos feature interviews, video walkthroughs, and step-by-step analysis that’s ONLY available to subscribers of The Virtual Advisor.

PLUS for a limited time you get access to all $2,162 worth of bonuses outlined on this page.

When Will My First Issue Arrive?

We send our list of subscribers to the printer on the 21st of each month. If you’re subscribed by the 21st, you’ll receive the following month’s issue.

For example, if you subscribe on or before June 17, your first issue will be the July issue.

Issues are mailed at the beginning of the month and typically arrive between the 3rd-7th of the month (depending on how fast the mail service is).

Can I Deduct This as a Business Expense?

Absolutely! As always, speak with your tax professional, but your subscription to The Virtual Advisor qualifies as a deductible business expense – effectively lowering your subscription price.

How Will I Access the Premium Video Content?

To access the premium video content that accompanies each month’s issue, you’ll simply type in the URL included in that month’s issue into your browser. In order to see a video, you must be subscribed that month. (In other words, you can’t go back and watch videos for months in which you were not subscribed.)

What If I Don’t Like My First Issue?

I’d be so shocked that you’d have to pick me up off the ground! But seriously…if you don’t like it for some reason, we’ll gladly refund the cost of your first issue and cancel your subscription. Plus, we’ll let you keep the bonuses at no cost.

What If I Ever Need to Unsubscribe?

If you ever need to unsubscribe, just let us know! As long as you’re unsubscribed by the 21st of each month, you won’t get charged for next month’s issue. If you unsubscribe after the 21st of the month, you’ll still be charged for the following month’s issue (and will receive it). However, that will be your final charge and issue.

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P.S. Did You Scroll Down and Skip to Here?

Either you read every word of this page (kudos to you!!)...

…or you skipped to the end to read the P.S. first.

(I’ve been guilty of doing that myself.)

In case you’re anything like me and you just want to know the nitty-gritty details, here’s a brief recap:

The Virtual Advisor is a brand new print newsletter (yes…it arrives in your mailbox) that gives you monthly access to the exact tactics that bring qualified prospects to you…helping you generate more fees, more commissions, and more AUM as an insurance or financial advisor.

It’s no longer enough to have a website and a smiling headshot on LinkedIn. Every advisor is online these days. A second major shift is occurring in the industry and this is your monthly playbook.

Subscribe to The Virtual Advisor and receive a 16-page newsletter each month with breakthrough marketing methods and proven tactics…

…for just $97 per month (35% off the future price).

PLUS…when you subscribe today, you’ll also get over $2,162 in immediate bonuses.

And did I mention that it’s risk-free?

If you don’t like your first issue, we’ll refund every penny and let you keep the bonuses.

At last…you can build your business to any level you desire…and never have to buy a lead again!

“Just some quick figures, we sent out 588 emails, got 73 immediate responses which turned into 27 appts on the board so far. Many other positive calls!”
Brad S.
Head of Sales
"I used the email, and booked six appointments so far! I have 1 new rep, 3 new prospects and two new client appointments!"
Susan W.
Group Benefits Advisor

Plus…Get $2,162 in FREE Welcome Bonuses

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